Right outside new york, we can find Ellis island. From 1892 to 1954 over 20 million immigrants when through Ellis Island in hope to achieve the American dream. Ellis Island was used as a processor for the immigrants in the third class or belove. The inspection process took several hours and did not guarantee that an individual or their family would pass. Immigrants had to go through medical inspections and hours of legal questioning before they were allowed to get American citizenship or a residence permit.


Why were so many people willing to leave everything and everyone they knew, travel on foot and on a boat for several days or weeks to reach America?  Almost everyone how went to America to achieve the “American dream”. The American dream was an idea that the government should protect each person’s opportunity to pursue their own idea of happiness. (according to the balance). This is also why America was the land of opportunities.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”




One of the twenty thousand people how went through Ellis Island was Mother Cabrini and she is today looked at as one of the most influential immigrants ever to walk through the doors of Ellis Island. She was born in Italy 15. juli 1850, but on September 24, 1894, she reached to America. she was sent form her birthplace in Italy where she was born 15. juli 1850, to Ellis Island by Pope Leo XIII. Her mission was to help poor Italian immigrants in America. She very much succeeded in her task, establishing orphanages, schools and hospitals in Italian neighbourhoods all across the country. After she died in 1917 she was declared a saint and was later named the patroness of immigrants.

Unknown-1.jpeg(this is a picture of Mother Cabrini)



Half the year has passed

Now that half the school year is over, it is time to evaluate my work and set goals for this year. Last year I did not do as well in English as I might have hoped for, not bad but not great. That means that I need to work harder this year.


Questions the teacher told us to answer:

  1.  I have spoken to Ann and looked at one or more of my blog posts with her

Yes, and I need to work on the grammatic, choosing the right word and building correct sentences.


2. I have written my plans for improving my English, how I have been working with English and what I can do better

my plan to do better in English is to attempt to talk and write more English, or just have more English in my everyday life. With having more input on English every day will I learn new words, more about how to write a good and difficult sentence and not have so many grammar mistakes. To do this I could change the language on my phone, have English subtitles when I watch a movie or series or I could find some sites that make English grammatic into a game.


3. This is my goal for English this year, grade and achievement.

When it comes to my grad I hope to at least get it up a level, because I think my English has improved a lot since the last test/ass. I hope that the things over can help me achieve a higher grade.


4. This is my opinion on the Ask software.

For now, I like the software, but I think that in the future it will maybe get a bit boring because we will do the same things. But it is a good site and I learned a lot form itiStock_000010628053XSmall.jpeg

The Pomodoro​ Technique


The Pomodoro technique is a study technique created by Francesco Cirillo. The technique was created in 1992 and was mostly used by big professional businesses in late 1990, but in 2014-2015 the whole world got to know it. It was created to help people how had trouble studying for long periods and to use the time more effectively.


When you use the technique you will begin by studying for 25 minutes. During these 25 minutes, you are only going to focus on one take, and do not work with a bunch of different tasks (it is also important to keep distractions away, such as work phone). When the 25 minutes are up, you can take a break for 5-10minuts. Every four break you can take a break at 30 minutes.

The wall of problems

In class today (14.01.19) we learn about us. politics and the staus in America.  Right now America is at a shutdown ordered by the president because he wants to build a 5billion dollar wall, at the border to Mexico. And the problem with this is that the Democrats are not acceptable to use that much money from the American state budget.


After learning this we watched some videos and got told to answer this task;

  • What is the story behind the wall?

When Trump was running up to become president he told the citizens that he would build the wall and everyone would scream “build that wall, build that wall…”. He also said that he would make Mexico pay for it. And the reason he told the people is to prevent drugs and illegals supplicants.


  • Why is it so important?

First, all the promise to the wall was one of the keys element that trump promise when he wanted. the next reason why this wall is important to Trump is that the wall between the US and Mexico would be designed to prevent people from entering the United States illegally. And the last reason is


  • What is a government shutdown? Is this the first time this happens?

A government shout down is exactly what it sounds like, and shourt said it is when the predident or Congress decides that all gourmet jobs are not going to get paid for there working and a lot of people are not able to work. this means that people are not able to pay for food, rent, bills and all the vital things we use the money on a day to day base.  The reason behind this is because of discussions in the government budget.

This is not the first time there has been a government shutdown, there have been about 7 shutdowns before this. Still, this is the longest shutdown in u.s. history and president Donald Trump says that it could last many months or even years.


  • Are there any similarities to the building a wall along the Mexican border and Brexit?

There are some similarity to Brexit and the wall along the Mexican border, but not a lot. (Brexit is the effect where Britain is trying to get out of EU.) The one of the only visible similarity is that bout are fighting to become more independent. the other is the fear of immigration.


  • What does the “Buck stops with me” mean.

the definition of “Buck stops with me” is “If you say ‘The buck stops here‘ or ‘The buck stops with me’, you mean that you have to take responsibility for something and will not try to pass the responsibility on to someone else.” From



Sources to the task


Spare parts

Today, in class, we watch a movie called “spare parts”. This is a movie was directed by Sean McNamara in 2015. The story is about how you can do anything if you got help from your friends, even if no one believes in you.

The movie takes place at a poor high school in Arizona called Carl Hayden Community High Schoo. The story begins when one of the five main characters arrives at the school to become a teacher. The rest of the four main characters is Oscar, Cristian, Luis, and Lorenzoman, which all are students at the high school. All of them are born in Mexico and are illegal immigrants in America. one day the Oscars see a commercial for the Marine Underwater Robotics Competition which is an event sponsored by NASA and the United States Armed Forces.  and decides that he wants to enter. but to do this he needs help from the others. So the plot in the story is about there journey enter a college Marine Underwater Robotics Competition. which is an event sponsored by NASA and the United States Armed Forces.


Different topics in the movie 


Working together as a team

In the beginning, Oscar, Cristian, Luis, and Lorenzomannot are not friends and they cant work together as a team. but once they found out that the had a lot in comment the starts to become friends and becomes a good team and good friends.





In class today (11.02.19) we played a game called “SPENT”. The object of the game was trying to go 30 days without losing all of your money. During the game you get different challenges, the best answer to the dilemma cost a lot of money and if you don´t have that money there is an answer you can choose that doesn’t cost anything. But to each choice you to make there is a consequence. The game teaches you where you have you should priorities your money in hard times, and how some people are living in the US.

To start with you choose a minimum paid job. After getting a job you have to pay the house rent, which takes about 80% of your start money. Now the job really begins, now you have to make decisions. The decisions can be if you are going to give some money to your child, paid the rent, take jobs from a friend or neighbors, what type of food you want to buy and a lot more.


If you what to play the game you can play it here: SPENT


Would something like the game situation ever happen in Norway?

I think that some of the scenarios could be related to Norway. But in Norway, we have something called NAV. NAV manages one-third of the state budget through schemes such as unemployment benefits, work clarification money, sickness benefit, pension, child benefit, and cash benefit. this means that if you don’t make enough money to provide for your family, you can get help from nav.

In Norway, we have a welfare state. The welfare state includes, among other things, old-age pension, disability pension, unemployment insurance, child benefit and public medical assistance. In this way, the state uses considerable resources to secure the welfare and a certain standard of all living.


Goal 13: Climate change

In class (02.01.19) we skyped with students from Israel and India to discuss climate change, and in class (11.02.19) we learned about Austalia, Bali and a bit about climate change in general. Global climate change is;

Climate change is a change in the pattern of weather, and related changes in oceans, land surfaces and ice sheets, occurring over time scales of decades or longer” source:



The students from Israel were between 10-12 years old and lived in Tel Aviv (a town not far from Jerusalem). The students said that their biggest concern was water. Because of this, they are collecting the water from rain and every source they have to water. The reason why water is a big concern is that Jerusalem and Israel are very hot and has a lot of heat waves, and even though it was in the middle of the winter a lot of the students were sitting in shorts and t-shirts.




The students from India were 12-13 years old and from the city Gurgaon (not far from New Delhi). Their biggest concern was air pollution and floods. To prevent this they are working on recycling. When we recycle the used materials are converted into new products. If we don’t recycle the used material either gets burned (and lets out climate gasses) or it ends up in the ocean (and destroys the ocean life ). In the school in India, they recycled pens and other school material. They are also working on getting people to take the electrical busses rather than driving their own car.  If you look at the numbers of an average passenger vehicle it emits about 404 grams of CO2 per mile and the main reason for air pollution.

  • temple




In Australia, one of the biggest concern is heat. This summer they had the hottest heatwave Australia has ever seen, where it became up to 50 degrees Celsius. The heatwaves do not affect us human as much compare to the animals. Snakes went into the sewer and into the toilets, just to get away from the heat. Other animals, like the koala, come into the suburbs or cities looking for water. This became a nationwide issue, because of the power outages and the agricultural sector was heavily impacted.

To prevent more climate change Austalia focuses on recycling, solar power, wind power, banning plastic bags and plastic straws (rather use paper bags and paper straws) and encouraging people to walk and cycle instead of taking the car.




In Bali, one of their biggest problems is plastic and plastic bags. Every year, between 1,15 million and 21.4 million plastic contaminate the ocean. Plastic bags are made of using non-renewable resources, either petroleum or natural gas and over time they release a dangerous amount of chemicals. They don’t break down in landfill sites so it will take hundreds of years until the breakdown.

“Bye bye plastic bags” is an NGO in Bali driven by youth to say no to plastic bags. the founder of the NGO is two young girls; Melati (17) and Isabel (15). the girls are now going holding conferences, where they are talking how their island was covered with plastic and that four of Indonesia’s rivers are polluted. Their vision is;

We envision a world free of plastic bags and where the young generation are empowered to take action.



Web page: 




To prevent more climate change Norway is addressing, recycling, encourage people to think about the climate, enlighten people about the issue, controlling the carbon footprint and using more renewable energy. The actual changes that have been made are better access to public transport, recycling, toll charges and more electric cars.










“A Day’s Wait”

In this post, I am going to write about Ernest Hemingway, his short story “A Day’s Wait”, his way of writing and the lost generation.

“A Day’s Wait” is a short story written by Ernest Hemingway. it was published in his 1933 short story collection Winner takes nothing. The story is about an American nine-year-old boy called Schatz, Schatz gets sick during the cold winter. The father feels that his son is detached from him, a bit future in the story we learn that the boy thinks that he was going to die from the fever. because of the complication between two languages.

If you want you can read the whole story here’s_wait_by_ernest_hemingway.pdf


Hemingways style of writing

Hemingway is known for his particular way of writing and his new thinking of writing. At the time when Hemingway was writing everyone was writing in the same way (long, traditional sentence, with as many complicated words that could fit in) but Hemingway wrote with short sentence and just enough words to tell his story. He writes in a simple way, but it is still interesting to read. this is because he uses a lot of dialogues, but it is not always clear to see who is speaking when. the way he writes is the main reason for his success.


The lost generation

The lost generation is a group of American writers who came of age during World War I and established their literary reputations in the 1920s. the generation was lost in the sense of there work during World War I was no longer relevant in the postwar world. the reason why the work was no longer relevant is because the “back to normal” policy, with was established by President Warren G. Harding of the USA. This policy set provincial, materialistic and emotionally barrens against everything that had happened during the war. The term embraces world know writes like Ernest Hemingway, f. Scott Fitzerald, John Dos Passos, and many more writers.

The lost generations it is also a term that gets used more generally to refer to the post-World War I generation.



the lost generation

  • the editors of Encyclopedia Britannica –  (downloaded 03.12.18)


It is brave to suffer in silence

In class today we got told to write one paragraph, about “it is brave to suffer in silence”. so that is what I am going to write about:

I think to suffer in silence is one of the stupidest things you can do when you are going through something.  Because it goes without saying that when you keep something bothers you and you keep it to yourself it is going to be ten times harder than if you get help. Of curse to ask someone for help can be difficult, because you need to find someone you trust and then be able to tell that person what is bothering you. The reason that many may think it is hard, is because they don’t what to be seen as faint-hearted or not independent. It is brave to suffer in silence or to maybe get looked at faint-hearted



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