“A Day’s Wait”

In this post, I am going to write about Ernest Hemingway, his short story “A Day’s Wait”, his way of writing and the lost generation.

“A Day’s Wait” is a short story written by Ernest Hemingway. it was published in his 1933 short story collection Winner takes nothing. The story is about an American nine-year-old boy called Schatz, Schatz gets sick during the cold winter. The father feels that his son is detached from him, a bit future in the story we learn that the boy thinks that he was going to die from the fever. because of the complication between two languages.

If you want you can read the whole story here’s_wait_by_ernest_hemingway.pdf


Hemingways style of writing

Hemingway is known for his particular way of writing and his new thinking of writing. At the time when Hemingway was writing everyone was writing in the same way (long, traditional sentence, with as many complicated words that could fit in) but Hemingway wrote with short sentence and just enough words to tell his story. He writes in a simple way, but it is still interesting to read. this is because he uses a lot of dialogues, but it is not always clear to see who is speaking when. the way he writes is the main reason for his success.


The lost generation

The lost generation is a group of American writers who came of age during World War I and established their literary reputations in the 1920s. the generation was lost in the sense of there work during World War I was no longer relevant in the postwar world. the reason why the work was no longer relevant is because the “back to normal” policy, with was established by President Warren G. Harding of the USA. This policy set provincial, materialistic and emotionally barrens against everything that had happened during the war. The term embraces world know writes like Ernest Hemingway, f. Scott Fitzerald, John Dos Passos, and many more writers.

The lost generations it is also a term that gets used more generally to refer to the post-World War I generation.



the lost generation

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It is brave to suffer in silence

In class today we got told to write one paragraph, about “it is brave to suffer in silence”. so that is what I am going to write about:

I think to suffer in silence is one of the stupidest things you can do when you are going through something.  Because it goes without saying that when you keep something bothers you and you keep it to yourself it is going to be ten times harder than if you get help. Of curse to ask someone for help can be difficult, because you need to find someone you trust and then be able to tell that person what is bothering you. The reason that many may think it is hard, is because they don’t what to be seen as faint-hearted or not independent. It is brave to suffer in silence or to maybe get looked at faint-hearted



Letter to Leonardo Dicaprio. “Before the flood”

Dear Mr. Dicaprio.

I am a 16-year-old girl from Sandvika, Norway.

Today in English class today we watched a very interesting documentary about how we are treating the environment and what’s going to happen with it if we continue to treat the plant the way we’re doing right now. This documentary was your documentary called “before the flood”. You seemed weary positive and optimistical about the Paris agreement and the future of the earth. But this documentary was created some years ago and a lot has changed over the years. You made a lot of interesting point in the documentary but is this then now relevant and do you know what will happen in the future?

I am really happy that someone with who is this popular and with as many followers. Because it will really inspire people and show us that is we don’t make an effort now we will regret it a lot in the future. But it does not help to get inspired if we don’t know what to do, so I am asking what can we do to save the planate?


My reading of; The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian


In class some weeks ago we got told to read a book, we could choose between two books where I choose “the absolutely true diary of a part-time Indian”.


the theme is a boy how makes a life-changing choice to leave his hometown and go to school at the neighboring town Reardan.



The absolutely true diary of a part-time Indian is a book written by Sherman Alexie and it’s about a boy called Arnold Spirit, Jr. (Junior). He lives in a small and poor reservation in America, at this place school is not a high priority. And because of this, he decides to changes school to the neighbor towns school. Because of this decision, he is looked at as a traitor. And the book is therefore about how he handles having two lives and how that works out.



junior lives at a poor reservation (the rez) but he goes to school in another town called Reardan. The rez is a poor reservation, where school and education don’t matter. But Reardan is a town with white rich persons, where education and to have a Succesful life after school is a high priority. These places are two completely different places and Junior struggles to fit into both places.


Character development

In the beginning Junior is careful and å bit of a covert but in the ending, he gains a lot of confidence and gets a lot more self-respect.



Climate change by the U.S


In this text I am going to tell you about climate changes and how the U.S government deals with it.


The climate change is a bigger topic than ever now, due to the massive effect it has on the world today.  this is effected has caused loss of sea ice, that made the sea level rise and more intense heat waves. But the far more dangerous and deadly is that the hurricanes and cyclones keep getting.

The areas around Mexico and the golf are especially exposed to this changes. With the recent Hurricane Florence and the Hurricane in Puerto Rico last year.

The worst part is the way that the U.S government manipulates the death of the victims that have died due to these changes, and the way that they are trying to hide the number altogether. Because instead of saying  “over one thousand lives were lost” they would say “several hundred lost their lives”.

And that the president Donald J. Trump claims that the U.S emergency services do a fantastic job, even the way that they handled the hurricane, despite the fact that nearly 3000 died. He compared them to the hurricane in 2005 where 1,200 died and claimed that they did h much better job.

The reason why the U.S government and the emergency service attempts there best to hide the numbers of the victims are because they are not fit to handle hurricanes, and they are unable to help everyone who needs there help.

These changes are real and happening right now, and it is something that’s going to effect ur live a lot in the future. The way that the U.S government tries to hide the fact that they can not save everyone, is not fair to anyone.




Class: 10/09-18

  1. Today we had a task where we had to discuss with someone in the class about a chosen topic. I got partnered up with Karoline Storlien and we discussed if we should have homework or if we rather should stay in school longer. I thought that we should have homework and she thought that we should stay in school longer.                I think that I won the argument because in the conclusion we said that we should have homework, but only if it was nessesergi and we were going to learn from it. So the teacher shouldn’t just give homework just to give us homework, but because it is something that we are going to learn something or use what we have done.
  2. The second thing we did today was to learn how to talk and listen better. With that, we watch a video where we learned 10 things we need to improve.
  1. don’t multitask and be present
  2. always assume that you are going to learn, because everyone is an expert on something
  3. questions. Ask simple questions)
  4. go with the flow (continue to listen)
  5. If you don’t know, say that you don’t know
  6. don’t equate your experience at yours.
  7. try not to repeat yourself
  8. stay out of the leed (dates, time, forget the details)
  9. listen (the most important thing you can learn, we would rather talk)
  10. be brief

My book choice


In this task we were going to choose two between books. The first one is “about a boy” written by Nick Hornby and “the absolutely true diary of a part-time Indian” by Sherman Alexie

The first book is “about a boy”

Bilderesultat for sve zbog jednog dječaka

The second book is Thd true diary of a part-time Indian

Bilderesultat for the true diary of a part time indian

I chose the book “the true diary of a part-time Indian. The reason that I choose this book s because it seems interesting to read about a boy who lives with a variety of medical problems and gets bullied but still makes more out of his life than the rest of the people in his hometown and his past to success. the book is also seaming easy to read with many pictures.

Now I will now read the first chapter of the book and see if it meets my expectation.