Climate change by the U.S


In this text I am going to tell you about climate changes and how the U.S government deals with it.


The climate change is a bigger topic than ever now, due to the massive effect it has on the world today.  this is effected has caused loss of sea ice, that made the sea level rise and more intense heat waves. But the far more dangerous and deadly is that the hurricanes and cyclones keep getting.

The areas around Mexico and the golf are especially exposed to this changes. With the recent Hurricane Florence and the Hurricane in Puerto Rico last year.

The worst part is the way that the U.S government manipulates the death of the victims that have died due to these changes, and the way that they are trying to hide the number altogether. Because instead of saying  “over one thousand lives were lost” they would say “several hundred lost their lives”.

And that the president Donald J. Trump claims that the U.S emergency services do a fantastic job, even the way that they handled the hurricane, despite the fact that nearly 3000 died. He compared them to the hurricane in 2005 where 1,200 died and claimed that they did h much better job.

The reason why the U.S government and the emergency service attempts there best to hide the numbers of the victims are because they are not fit to handle hurricanes, and they are unable to help everyone who needs there help.

These changes are real and happening right now, and it is something that’s going to effect ur live a lot in the future. The way that the U.S government tries to hide the fact that they can not save everyone, is not fair to anyone.





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