Class: 10/09-18

  1. Today we had a task where we had to discuss with someone in the class about a chosen topic. I got partnered up with Karoline Storlien and we discussed if we should have homework or if we rather should stay in school longer. I thought that we should have homework and she thought that we should stay in school longer.                I think that I won the argument because in the conclusion we said that we should have homework, but only if it was nessesergi and we were going to learn from it. So the teacher shouldn’t just give homework just to give us homework, but because it is something that we are going to learn something or use what we have done.
  2. The second thing we did today was to learn how to talk and listen better. With that, we watch a video where we learned 10 things we need to improve.
  1. don’t multitask and be present
  2. always assume that you are going to learn, because everyone is an expert on something
  3. questions. Ask simple questions)
  4. go with the flow (continue to listen)
  5. If you don’t know, say that you don’t know
  6. don’t equate your experience at yours.
  7. try not to repeat yourself
  8. stay out of the leed (dates, time, forget the details)
  9. listen (the most important thing you can learn, we would rather talk)
  10. be brief

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